Film by Finn Waring

Behind-the-scenes of our photoshoot with Inka & Neele Hoeper as featured in volume#2


'The Motorcycle Diaries' by Ernest Che Guevara is a personal memoir tracing his early travels - leaving his home of Buenos Aires, Argentina on the back of an old Norton 500cc La Poderosa #themightyone in search of the South America he had only read about in books.

This Short film accompanies our  'The Motorcycle Diaries' fashion story by photographer John Rowley  in Perfect Bound  volume#2

Directed by - John Rowley & George Maguire, and starring Ryan Barrett at Models1.  Fashion styling - Holly MacNaghten,  Camera work and edit by George Maguire.  Shot on location at Bolton Abbey, with thanks to Paul's Kitchen, Townsend London, and Triumph Motorcycles

Fire and Fury

“(…) Trump, despite his disappointment at Washington’s failure to properly greet and celebrate him, was, like a good salesman, an optimist. Salesmen, whose primary characteristic and main asset is their ability to keep selling, constantly recast the world in positive terms. Discouragement for everyone else is merely the need to improve reality for them (...)” Michael Wolff

Film, and original musical composition, by Geoff Waring