A Quiet Revolution

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Throughout my career I’ve been passionate about a more sustainable and ethical approach to fashion. I work in an industry that embraces trends and the flippant, fast nature of such - yes it can be challenging and over the years I’ve  learnt to shop for things that I love and that I know will last and stay in my wardrobe for a long time.  I compare it to embarking on a love affair as opposed to a fling.

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We have a responsibility to our planet to be more mindful of waste, of landfill and of the process in making garments – the dyeing, the procurement of yarns and fabrics. We can only do our best and budgets don’t always run to expensive purchases boasting better quality and durability. The high street brands are taking note and although quietly stepping forward with ethical lines, sustainable and up cycled fabrics they ARE stepping forward.

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My advice, ditch the one hit wonders and the dress you might wear to a wedding once – look longer and harder for clothes that fit, flatter and you fall in love with, that you can accessorize up or down whatever your mood – that make you feel great. Every little counts and we can all contribute .

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Photography by Elizabeth Gibson

Fashion Direction by Shelly Vella

Fashion Model Elissa Bibaud at Models1

Makeup by Lica Fensome at Stella Creative Artists

Hair by Samantha Hoad

Photographed on location at Morghew Park

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