All of us longing for a print publication that spoke to - and for - us.  Soon, our round-the-table-chats became brainstorms, then editorial meetings;  notes and sketches became full-fledged features and photographs, eventually morphing into something tangible, something real - Volume #1 of Perfect Bound, a magazine deliberately named to celebrate the printed artefact.  We love the smell of printers' ink, the feel of "proper" paper and having something we can read a bit, put down, then pick up again where we left off.  Something that, rather than flashing momentarily across a screen, has longevity, and offers an alternative to screen-swiping, saccharine soundbites and 30-second throwaway content;  after all, we grew up on well thumbed issues of Life magazine, read - and made - our own fanzines, graduating to NME, The Face, i-D, Rolling Stone and even National Geographic.  Our first edition is dedicated to wildness in all it's forms.  Wild swimmers captured in remote, ice-cold waters;  anti-nuclear activists demonstrating at Greenham Common;  fashion inspired by the rawness of Norwegian forests;  a Gambian village transformed by urban street art.  Whatever your preconception of wildness might be, we urge you to set it aside and explore our wild.

Karena Callen, Editor